A welcome note from our team.

Hi there!

And welcome to this site – thought we’d give you a brief introduction to what it is all about.

Ownposts is an open multi-authored blogging platform, or in simpler words a platform where anyone can freely publish its content and get exposure to a growing community of avid readers.

Depending on your particular interests, your experience and level of engagement may vary accordingly. Hereunder some potential uses and benefits for you in this community:

  • Read authored articles.
  • Start blogging in no time without all the hassle of running your own blog.
  • Publish your articles online in a nice and clean layout.
  • Grow your personal brand by increasing your visibility.
  • As a writer who aims to raise visibility, present your book and/or have your book added in the store.
  • Engage with other members, comment topics and exchange opinions.
  • Any other scenario.., or all of the above!.

Regardless of your particular interests, above all we hope you enjoy your time here!.

See you out there.

/ownposts team

PS: Remember, your voice is one of your most important tools, nobody can write your stories and opinions for you.

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