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Qual o propósito desde site?

ownposts is an open platform where you may publish and share your articles and products, and by that strengthen your personal brand. Whatever are your writing skills we hope your enjoy your time as a visitor or member and if you have any questions, read in detail this FAQ page, ask in the How To Forum or send us an email in the Contact Page.

Que serviços estão disponíveis?

ownposts enables it members to publish their articles, products and to interact with other members by commenting and engaging in the forum. Visitors are free to read the content.

Este site é somente para escritores?

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join and use our services as long it complies with our Termos de Serviço.

É preciso algum conhecimento técnico para publicar?

No, everything on ownposts is designed to make the process of adding content as simple as possible for members. 


Quem pode ser membro?

This is an open platform which means anyone can become a member by completing the Registration Process.

É preciso ser membro para ler o conteúdo?

No, articles and products can be seen by all visitors to the site, however commenting, rating and forum participation is for members only. Members are entitled to create a profile.

Quanto custa ser membro?

Membership of ownposts is FREE and gives you access to the core services of ownposts, including profile creation, publishing content, participating in the forums and receiving our newsletter.

When joining you can publish at minimum, up to 5 articles. As a means to promote better quality content, our platform algorithm will calculate your points based on several criteria. Points will serve to limit or extend the number of extra posts you are capable to publish.

In few words, if you publish quality content, comment others posts, receive comments on your articles and have a reasonable number of views and positive valuation of the content, the system would allow unlimited post creation. The aim is to encourage the "best authored content".


Que informação é preciso fornecer na inscrição?

The following information is required: First Name, Last Name, Username, Password and Email Address.

Posso inscrever-me com a minha conta de Social Media?

You may register with your Twitter or Linkedin account.

O que fazer após a inscrição?

There are no additional steps required after registration but you may wish to complete a number of tasks to improve the quality of your user experience on ownposts:
- Review your Perfil (including Username/Real Name) and add information to any or all of the sections as required (it is entirely voluntary)
- Add a Profile Avatar
- Publish your content.


Que informação esta disponível no meu Perfil?

Public profiles only show the information that members decide to share with other members of the Community. All content (apart from the mandatory registration information) is entirely voluntary and can be shared with the public, registered members or kept private.

Que tipo de imagem e tamanho deve ter o meu Avatar?

The avatar can be PNG or JPEG. You only need to upload 1 Avatar into your member profile in the Community and it will be used automatically throughout the website. The minimum size is 200px x 200px square and anything larger will be reduced pro rata for viewing on all devices.


Como publico o meu conteúdo?

Any member of the ownposts Community is allowed to publish its content as long as it is compliant with our Termos de Serviço. Access O meu Conteúdo on the top menu to access the backoffice section of the site. From there you can add, edit and delete your content.

O meu conteúdo é publicado inmediatamente?

This is true after at least one post submitted has been approved by ownposts team. If this is your first post, after clicking on "Publish" it will be tagged as "Pending Approval" for our Editor's verification.

Posso simplesmente fazer um link ao meu blog ou outro conteúdo externo?

No. Members are allowed to link internal links. If you wish to promote from your content any product or service, you can do it as long as the product or service is already listed in the Catalogue.

Os comentários estão sempre ativados?

The default option is Yes, comments are allowed, although they may be turned off by the Author of a the content as it is a voluntary option. Visitors are not allowed to comment nor rate posts.

Como denuncio conteúdo inapropriado?

To report inappropriate content please send us a message from the Contact Page.

Quanto custa publicar?

There is no charge for publishing articles on ownposts, it is completely Free.


Posso receber o newsletter?

All members of ownposts are automatically subscribed to the Newsletter at registration. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Fiz a inscrição mais não recebo o newsletter.

We have taken all possible measures to avoid our emails sent to your spam folder, still, it is a good practice to have our address [email protected] added to your contacts. 


Não encontro a minha pergunta

Check if your question has been already answered in the How-To Forum, else you can raise it there. If yours is a private question then please use the Contact Page.

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